The Best
Pet Safety Carrier
ever made

Because travel with your pet
must be funny

Everywhere with your pet, safely

Traveling with your pet safely is part of our DNA and due the aesthetic care of our design, it is pleasant inside and outside the home (home, car, shopping center, walk, subway, train and any kind of transport)

Water through and carry on

Your pet has to go with you everywhere. The only way is with a versatile pet carrier that suits all conditions


Our Pet Carrier is made of recycled plastic. All our products are manufactured and designed with sustainability in mind. From now, we remove 4 pounds of plastic from the ocean for every Pet Carrier we sell


Temperature, humidity and air quality will be displayed on the display and you can also access the mobile application at any time. You will always know where your pet is

Isofix and Seat belts

Safety is the most important thing for everyone who travels, having options makes our pet carrier versatile and safe

Omar Hraste

Founder & CEO

Telecomunications Engineer since 2006, he worked in more than 10 projects designing, directing and implementing. He is a passionate entrepreneur, creator of three startups for system development, sales and industrial innovation. He stands out for building teams that work motivated and coordinated to achieve the main goal.

Creator of invention patents and trademarks, his objective is to build and keep motivated a team of professionals working on innovative and challenging projects.

Mauricio Gioffré

Co-Founder & CMO

Mauricio is a Telecomunications Engineer passionated about entrepreneurship, enviroment and technology. He was worked for more 18 years in multinationals technology companies and is specialized in commerce and marketing.

As a pet lover looking for safe solutions for them and their owners, he joined three other crazy entrepreneurs and created PUPMEE.

Germán Quintana

Co-Founder & CTO

He is an Industrial Designer, with 22 years of experience in industrial products projects. Owner of a strong mechanical engineering base, calculates structural parts by 3D modeling and has wide experience in industrial manufacturing systems and processes including the development of matrix for the plastics industry.

His products are manufactured and sold all over the world and are turnkey delivered, high productivity and energetical efficiency are his objectives, always looking for functional simplicity and the effectiveness of the product.